Darcy Welch Creator of Enchantment Learning
Darcy Welch

Darcy Welch is a Performer, Educator and Musician. She has a Bachelor of Music in Voice from Acadia University where she focused on performance and Music education. She is passionate about educating children in the arts. With over 5 years experience educating and performing for children in a variety of subjects, she strives to make learning fun and ignite the same artistic passions with those she teaches.  Darcy always brings enthusiasm and creativity to all of her programs and hopes to use the arts and imagination to inspire creativity and innovation in children of all ages.

Kathleen Welch Enchantment Learning Performer and Educator

Kathleen Welch is an actor, theatre creator, and history enthusiast. She has worked with children of all ages for years, running theatre programs, reading programs, Harry Potter classes, and much more. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Windsor and is a founding member of OPIA Theatre Collective. Kathleen is extremely passionate about education and encouraging children to follow their own passions and indulge in what makes them individual. She has always believed in the intelligence and creativity of children and she looks forward to facilitating learning that supports those beliefs. 

Kathleen Welch

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